These are the main recruitment questions since the coronavirus crisis

We don't need to tell you that job applications look completely different these days. In many companies, digital job interviews have become the norm. But the questions asked during the job interview have also evolved since corona. We list a few pertinent questions.

What will your workforce look like in 2021?

At the start of a new year, as an HR manager or business leader, you take stock: what is the state of the workforce? Do we have enough talent in house to achieve the objectives, or do we still need to recruit people for this purpose? Each situation requires a specific approach, but we can give you a few points of interest that should not be overlooked.

From IQ to EQ to AQ: What makes AQ so important

Today's labor market is characterized by change in many areas. Recruiters therefore attach more and more importance to the adaptability of employees. This has been shown by a Belgian survey conducted by Robert Half. IQ still comes first, but AQ or adaptability is definitely on the rise and scores even higher than emotional intelligence or EQ. But why has it become so important?