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The Robert Half Salary Guide 2015 offers an extensive overview of current salary ranges, non-financial benefits and specific job trends for finance and accounting professionals, finance professionals in the financial service sector and administrative professionals across Belgium.

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The hiring climate

According to the Belgian Federal Planning Bureau, the economy is growing stronger in 2014 and 2015. The economy has reached a turning point and an increasing number of companies are reinvesting in growth. Many companies that had suspended new growth initiatives and projects because of the economic crisis are now starting them up again. To put these supplementary initiatives into action, they require additional qualified staff, for permanent as well as temporary positions.

Interim on the rise

Because of the abolition of trial periods and the changes affecting terms of notice, more and more organisations are making use of temporary employees as a flexible alternative. If the employee meets the expectations of the employer, a temporary job is often converted into a permanent position.

Staff retention challenges

Companies are not only confronted with challenges in the area of recruitment, successfully retaining staff is also becoming increasingly important. Now that the employment market is recovering, more opportunities will be available, which means that voluntary staff turnover will increase and staff retention will become all the more important. 72% of HR managers are therefore concerned that they may lose their top performers to other companies in the coming year.


A variety of remuneration strategies

Companies use various remuneration strategies. A large number of companies acknowledge that salary increases are essential to attract and retain the talent they need. Other companies rely on their brands, pay extra attention to developing a varied set of duties or offer appealing career opportunities to attract and retain employees.

Jobseekers' expectations

Almost half (46%) of the HR managers state that the earning expectations of candidates are higher than local market conditions. Many companies are reassessing their remuneration policies by either expanding the remuneration package or reviewing the positions so that they are in line with any applicable budget restrictions.

Bonus trends

Awarding bonuses is not limited to executive positions any more. Increasingly, employees at non-management levels are being given bonuses linked to the company’s performance as well as to individual achievements. Many organisations see such a retention bonus as a way to bond their employees to the company.


Finance and accounting

A great majority of companies, ranging from large to small, is planning to further reinforce their financial and bookkeeping teams, with 35% of financial executives planning to create new financial positions and 47% planning to fill existing positions that will become available. Companies are seeking finance and accounting professionals with very specific expertise.

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Demand for skilled administrative professionals continues to rise. Qualified administrative professionals who have expertise that is much in demand or hard to find are very popular on the job market, so they are looking for a job that meets all their requirements. 47% of HR managers state that candidates are more inclined to reject a job offer today than three years ago.

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