The green energy debat

Tue, 06/14/2011

A lot of potential left for green energy

For the first edition of “Finance at breakfast”in 2011 Robert Half organised a panel discussion on the developments in the green energy sector and the corresponding financial and economic aspects on 25 January in the Brussels stock exchange. Under the guidance of moderators such as Frederik Delaplace and Martine Maelschalck, editors in chief of De Tijd and L’Echo, Patrick Decuyper, CEO Enfinity, Luc Desender, CEO Electrawinds, Luc Regout, CEO Air Energy and Dominique Woitrin, CREG technical operation of the markets department, shed their light on the different aspects of the green energy market. They look at the future with optimism but emphasise that our country has missed some opportunities.

Document: Green Energy has a lot of potential

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