Robert Half - recruitment of legal profiles

Our legal recruitment agency assures assistance wherever and whenever you deem it necessary

As a division of Robert Half, Robert Half Legal focuses on the specific and specialised recruitment and selection of legal profiles. This means both up-and-coming talents taking their first steps on the job market and more experienced experts and lawyers with management ability.

The answer to all of your questions concerning legal profiles

Our legal and juristic positions recruitment agency works out a custom-tailored solution for you  in accordance with your demand or need, budget and objectives. This can involve a request for advice from the corporate legal department or from a law firm. Just what can we do for you?

  • The Robert Half legal and juristic positions recruitment agency recruits juristic employees, usually with a very specific experience or specialisation.
  • All consultants of the recruitment agency possess the necessary legal baggage in order to be able to act quickly and accurately, and to effectively fill the job opening.
  • We assist you before, during and after the recruitment process: our consultants draw up a detailed profile that is based on your unique needs, analyse CV´s, conduct personal hiring interviews, assess the technical competencies and ´soft skills´ of the candidates. And very important: we also evaluate whether they are right for your specific working environment.
  • The Robert Half Legal recruitment agency thus has an extensive network of experts that energetically approaches each request for a legal professional. You lose no time by having to go shopping around amongst different service providers.
  • The action radius of expertise that the Robert Half Legal recruitment agency has in house covers virtually all areas of the law and jurisprudence: public law, commercial law, intellectual law, labour law and social security, business law, competition law, international and European law.

Professional and specialised

As a legal and juristic positions recruitment agency we take a thoroughly professional and efficient approach.

We recruit the following legal profiles:

  • Paralegal
  • Lawyer
  • Juristic advisor
  • Legal advisor
  • Tax officers
  • Compliance officer

We recruit legal professionals with the following specialisations:

  • International/European law
  • Competition law
  • Business law & finance
  • Banking, insurance & real estate
  • Commercial law
  • IP, NTC and media
  • Labour law and social security
  • Public law & regulations
  • Dispute resolution
  • General contracts

Our specialist Legal division is based in our Brussels office.

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