Planning for the future of the finance function

The finance function is set to experience the biggest era of transformation

Finance 2020: closer than you think explores the changing CFOs priorities as they continue to balance the needs of operational finance objectives, demanding compliance and regulation standards and the growing expectations of the business. From research of over 200 CFOs and FDs and expert opinion, the report offers insights on how the finance function needs to adapt to be fit for the future.

For finance leaders embarking on changing priorities, the report includes:

  • Expectations of the finance function by 2020
  • Case study: digitisation planning requires stages
  • Six core steps to prepare for 2020

This document is available in Dutch and French.

How CFO priorities are changing

The transformation of the finance function will have a significant impact on decisions that CFOs make about resource planning, day-to-day operational finance, business and financial analysis, innovation and information and systems. As well as transforming processes in the finance function itself, finance teams are increasingly expected to participate in company-wide innovation programmes to help drive profitability and growth. With such a huge ‘to-do’ list and transformation ahead of them, what does all of this mean for CFOs’ succession and talent management strategies? What is the business looking for from the finance function of the future? Big data, forecasting and analytics are providing the business with actionable insights to support decision-making, but how do CFOs work out what they need?

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