Whether you want to recruit staff or are considering a career switch, the Luxembourg Robert Half Salary Guide 2020 contains all the information you need to take the next step in a well-informed manner. From pay scales to recruitment trends and information about a competitive salary: our Luxembourg Salary Guide has it all.

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What is a competitive salary in your sector?

In the Luxembourg Salary Guide you will find the competitive salary of the most common positions in finance and accounting.

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Learn about the latest trends in the job market

Read more about the latest recruitment trends, including the consequences of the high vacancy rate, the war for talent and digitization.

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Read about frequently asked skills

What are the most requested profiles and the associated technical competences and soft skills? For each specialized domain in the Luxembourg Salary Guide, we give you an overview of the skills the most sought after profiles must possess.

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How to read our salary tables

To help you determine the salary levels for new recruits in finance and accounting in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg we explain the percentile scales below. Curious about the average salaries in Belgium? Download the Belgian Salary Guide.


For candidates who still need to develop, for whom the position – in a market with weak competition for talent – is new.


For candidates with average experience and sufficient skills for the job. This percentile is applicable to an averagely complex position or a market with moderate competition for talent.


For candidates with strong skills and above average experience, possibly with specialized qualifications. The position is reasonably complex or is in a market with strong competition for talent.


For candidates with a high level of relevant experience and expertise, with specialized qualifications. The position might be very complex or be in a market where the competition for talent is fierce.