Belgium Etime Approval

Frequently Asked Questions for Management Resources Candidates


Q: Why is Robert Half changing the way it processes days worked and delivers contracts?

We wanted to streamline the process for both our Clients and Candidates. We have engaged with Belgium’s top software provider for the interim sector – Pratoflex – as together we are able to deliver a time and payroll processing system that offers speed, security and efficiency. This also allows us to migrate your contracts to Unified Post’s InterimSign, (AdminBox) system which is the industry standard in Belgium.

Q: What are the advantages to the new system?

There are many advantages, but here are a few of the most often noted improvements:

  • Speed – timesheets are pre-filled based on contract terms and confirmed by the client. No need for you to fill out timesheets anymore.
  • Simplicity – all your documents and forms are managed through Unified Post’s AdminBox account. Candidates who have used this system with other providers can use their existing account.
  • Ease – access via email or SMS
  • Efficiency – you can read, download, or print any document at any time. All documents are automatically archived after 5 years for all of your interim assignments.

Q: How does InterimSign work?

  • Getting Started – You will receive a notification from Robert Half that will direct you to InterimSign/AdminBox to create an account - if you don’t have one already - and sign your contract.
  • Payslips – Your payslips and other documentation will be delivered through Adminbox just like your contracts.

For more information about the InterimSign/AdminBox system, please refer to their website:

Q: I already have an account with Unified Post/Adminbox, do I need to create a second account for Robert Half? Will I need to create a new account to access the system?

No, you only need to have 1 account. If you already have an account, you can use it and you will see the pay slips and contracts from Robert Half there as well as any other organizations. You will have 1 nice overview of all performances, wherever you have performed.

Q: When will Robert Half’s new system be put into use?

The new system will go live for everyone as from July. All time from 1 July will be approved by clients in Robert Half Timesheets and you will receive your contract in Interimsign.

Q: So as a candidate, I no longer need to enter my hours on a monthly basis?

Correct, starting July and all months thereafter, you no longer need to enter your days worked each month, simply sign your contract.

Q: Where and how should I sign my contracts?

This is done via InterimSign/AdminBox. When your contract for the next month is ready to sign you will automatically receive an email or SMS.

Q: Why do I have to provide my holiday certificate before I take my holiday?

If Robert Half is in possession of your holiday certificate before you take holidays, we can encode and register it as a holiday and your contract does not have to be stopped/interrupted. If you are unable to deliver your holiday certificate on time, your contract will be terminated during your holiday and restarted after your holiday.

Q: Where can I go for questions?

If you have questions, please contact your representative or email: [email protected]