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Working in Luxembourg

Looking for a job in Luxembourg is not the most obvious thing to do, but it can be a challenging change to your career. Many Europeans have gone before you and started a career in the distinctive Grand Duchy. Why? There are many different reasons, ranging from the beneficial tax environment to the availability of numerous vacant positions in many attractive sectors. In what follows, we describe the various advantages.

Jobs in Luxembourg: what kind of country is this?

Luxembourg is a Grand Duchy bordering on three countries: Germany, France and Belgium. The 500,000 people who call this country home live for the most part in the capital city, also called Luxembourg. A lot of them speak two languages – French and English. However, a lot of people are multi-lingual. For instance, Luxembourgish speaks often at least four, and often five languages (Luxembourgish, French, German, English), considering that the three national languages are French, German and Luxembourgis.h 

A unique feature is that elementary and secondary school is free for children from the age of four to sixteen. In addition, Luxembourg has several private schools, which are not free of charge but offer very high-quality education.

Jobs in Luxembourg: starting out

If you start looking for a job in Luxembourg, you will immediately discover one of the great advantages of working in this country: there are many job opportunities. Hence there are several paths to finding a job. You can find a job via the Luxembourg government – still a very common approach in this country – or simply apply directly to the organisation or recruitment company like Robert Half. 

The variety of work in Luxembourg

The second advantage of considering a career in Luxembourg is that there are jobs on offer in a wide range of sectors. Statistics show that distribution companies have been hiring the most new staff, with as prime example the postal order firm Postes et Télécommunications, or P&T. Because Luxembourg is so important for Europe as a financial centre, various international organisations have established a presence here: companies that are often in search of new, motivated employees. Do you have training in ICT? If so, it’s good to know that this sector is one of the most attractive in Luxembourg. Web marketers are in great demand.

Yet more advantages

Working in Luxembourg might mean you will be living in this country. That means you will benefit from Luxembourg income tax levels – and their advantageous rates. Compared to many European countries, taxes here are lower and salaries higher. On a side note, the cost of living is also a bit higher here. But Luxembourg has an excellent social system, including accident and unemployment insurance. A distinctive feature is that accompanying family members are also automatically insured for the same risks as the employee: this makes a considerable difference in your monthly expenses.

Luxembourg is also known as a financial centre for Europe. The multinationals present here are often looking for well-educated staff who can speak several languages. 

Finally, Luxembourg is a politically stable country with a very low unemployment rate. The economy is healthy and particularly rich in opportunities. All good reasons to at least consider working in Luxembourg.

Summary of the advantages

  • Many jobs openings
  • A wide variety of jobs on offer
  • High demand for ICT
  • Major companies present
  • Attractive tax rates
  • Higher salaries
  • Excellent social security
  • A stable country with low unemployment rate

Any questions?

Do you need any assistance looking for a job in Luxembourg? Robert Half is happy to help. Feel free to contact us with no obligation to see what we can do for you.

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