Sales Assistant

A sales assistant supports one or several sales managers/representatives in the company. He/she is responsible for the administrative sales support and ensures smooth communication and coordination between the sales manager(s) and the customers.

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Sales Assistant

Tasks of a sales assistant

A sales assistant:

  • manages incoming telephone calls for the sales manager(s).
  • prepares the customer visits of the sales manager(s).
  • prepares offers and sales reports.
  • handles orders.
  • offers advice to customers in terms of delivery dates, invoicing, etc.
  • organises the after-sales service and deals with complaints.
  • keeps the customer database up to date.
  • monitors the payments of customers. 

Required skills for a sales assistant

For a position as sales assistant employers require at least a higher secondary education degree. Along with a strong service orientation, relevant experience with customer contacts is a major plus.  Required skills are:

  • customer focus.
  • being diplomatic and empathic.
  • smooth verbal abilities.
  • knowledge of several languages.
  • ability to work together and function in a team of representatives.
  • meticulous working habits. 
  • ability to manage databases.



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