Management Assistant

The management assistant supports one or several managers in dealing with their day-to-day work. Through his/her administrative supporting role, the management assistant ensures that the manager(s) can focus on their core tasks.

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Management Assistant

Tasks of a management assistant

The management assistant:
• manages one or several agendas.
• filters the incoming telephone calls for the manager(s)
• handles post and e-mail traffic.
• prepares records, internal memos, confidential reports and correspondence.
• translates texts.
• organises meetings and business trips (hotel, transport, lunch, etc.).
• makes PowerPoint presentations.   
• manages the office supplies.
• is responsible for a wide range of ad hoc assignments in support of the manager(s).

Skills of a management assistant

A management assistant generally possesses a professional bachelor or master degree. Essential skills are:
• working proactively.
• strong organisational and methodical work habits.
• multitasking.
• strong communication skills.
• stress resistance.
• discretion.
• working independently.
• ability to speak several languages.
• extensive knowledge of Microsoft Office.



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