Logistics employee

A logistics employee handles the planning of (inter)national transport and ensures that orders are correctly delivered to the customers. In this role, the logistics employee is responsible for a precise transport administration and at the same time he/she has extensive telephone contacts with various parties. Flexibility, methodical work habits and the ability to deal with unforeseen situations are absolute requirements for this position.

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Logistics employee

Tasks of a logistics employee

A logistics employee:

  • prepares transport and freight documents.
  • arranges customs formalities for international transports.
  • applies administrative rules and procedures for the transport sector.
  • schedules the transports.
  • maintains contacts with drivers, transporters, customers and customs authorities.
  • efficiently organises goods flows.
  • respects the proposed delivery deadlines.
  • seeks solutions for unexpected logistical problems.

Required skills of a logistics employee

A logistics employee generally possesses a bachelor in logistics management. Experience in a comparable position is always a major plus for a logistics employee. Required skills are:

  • a good knowledge of foreign languages.
  • resistant to stress.
  • ability to deal with flexible working hours.
  • analytical and customer-focused thinking.
  • ability to deal with specific software for transport and logistics.
  • ability to think logically and methodically.
  • strong organisational abilities.
  • solution-oriented thinking.
  • can meet deadlines.



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