General Ledger Accountant

The size of a company and its level of internationalisation to a large extent determine the structure of the enterprise’s bookkeeping. Multinationals for example often have a large team of bookkeeping and financial professionals working for them who are each specialised in various aspects of bookkeeping. Within this team the General Ledger Accountant is an important liaison.

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General Ledger Accountant

Duties of a general ledger accountant

A General Ledger Accountant:

  • Checks the work of accounts payable, accounts receivable, and the payments, and makes corrections where appropriate.
  • Files the intercompany activities and handles reconciliation.
  • Supports the cash management division in cooperation with the treasury division.
  • Follows through on salary processing with the payroll.
  • Prepares the monthly, quarterly and annual closings.
  • Files the VAT returns.
  • Prepares the reports to management.
  • Prepares the audit portfolio.

Required competencies of a general ledger accountant

A General Ledger Accountant has a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy-Taxation or another higher degree in economics. To fill this position successfully, several years of experience in the bookkeeping department of an international company is required.

Required skills:

  • Good communication skills, on paper and in speech, in various languages, primarily English.
  • High service standards for internal customers.
  • Positive attitude towards change.
  • Excellent collaborative skills.
  • Strong organisational talent, with meeting strict deadlines as goal.
  • Great affinity with IT in particular ERP systems and reporting software.
  • Strong analytical ability with a sharp eye on process improvement.
  • Good knowledge of fiscal legislation in diverse countries.




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