Business Analyst

A business analyst is the crucial link between the supporting services and business within an organisation. Business analysis requires excellent knowledge of the company, the market and of very wide-ranging disciplines.

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Business Analyst

Duties of a business analyst

A business analyst

  • Researches and evaluates the needs of business and formulates and implements concrete solutions for these needs.
  • Makes analyses and proposals with solid strategic and financial foundations.
  • Follows new developments on the market and translates these to the own business.
  • Develops and follows through on measurement systems to evaluate corporate data.
  • Introduces solutions that streamline internal communication systems.

Required competencies for a business analyst

A business analyst has a Master’s degree the field of in finance or economics and at least one to three years of appropriate experience.

Required competencies are:

  • Thorough knowledge of business processes and activities.
  • A strong affiliation with IT.
  • Experience with financial analysis, data flow and project management is an important advantage.
  • Excellent social and communication skills.
  • Familiar with frequently used architecture methods.
  • Ability to communicate well with different levels within the company.




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