Assistant Bookkeeper

Companies hire Assistant Bookkeepers to ensure all bookkeeping documents are handled quickly and correctly. Assistant Bookkeepers assist the chief accountant or the external accountant. Their degree of professional specialisation depends on the size and international scope of the enterprise they are working for.

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Assistant Bookkeeper

Duties of a bookkeeper

A Bookkeeping Clerk or Assistant Bookkeeper:

  • Compares the purchase invoices in the supplier bookkeeping with the purchase orders.
  • Requests corrections and credit statements from suppliers.
  • Diligently follows the approval process of the purchase invoices.
  • Books the purchase invoices in the bookkeeping system.
  • Prepares the sales invoices.
  • Checks and files bank statements.
  • Follows through on payments of clients and sends clients reminders via email and by telephone.
  • Handles preparations for the VAT return.

Required competencies

An Assistant Bookkeeper usually has a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy-Taxation. Another way to be able to fill this position in a company is through obtaining a degree in bookkeeping in evening classes, in A2 Bookkeeping-IT or a VDAB-course in bookkeeping, combined with some initial work experience in financial administration.

Essential competencies are:

  • A passion for numbers.
  • The ability to process large volumes of data quickly and accurately.
  • Proficiency in bookkeeping software and Excel.
  • Stress resistance for meeting deadlines.
  • Sufficient communication skills to contact clients and suppliers.
  • Good collaborative skills to work with different people.

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