Sales Assistant

What does a Sales Assistant do?

A Sales Assistant maintains the administrative management of the company’s sales and oversees the global files of the organization in order to ensure its proper functioning.

The Sales Assistant is also known as Sales Advisor, Sales Associate, Sales Secretary, Technical Secretary, Customer Service Assistant or Internal Sales Representative.

What are the responsibilities of a Sales Assistant?

The responsibilities of a Sales Assistant vary, depending on the structure of the company. He ensures the proper flow of information within the company, particularly between the various departments with which he collaborates. He is in charge of writing e-mails, filing correspondence and managing mail (archiving, sorting, etc.) as well as updating customer files.

The Sales Assistant ensures commercial processing by following up orders, deliveries and manufacturing deadlines, he also handles administrative files (invoices, estimates, statistics, reminders, etc.).

The Sales Assistant is also responsible for receiving all telephone calls (customers, suppliers, etc.), scheduling appointments for sales representatives and may participate in sales meetings and create offers.

What are the required skills and proficiencies for a Sales Assistant?

  • Proficiency in computer tools (MS Office, messaging, etc.)
  • Language skills (Dutch and/or French and/or German and/or Spanish, Italian, etc.) is essential
  • Interest in numbers and statistics
  • Knowledge of how to build a sales pitch
  • Familiar with secretarial procedures
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good synthesis skills
  • Comfortable on the phone

What background is needed to become a Sales Assistant?

A Sales Assistant has generally obtained a Bachelor's degree in Management, Marketing, Economics or other equivalent degree. This type of position is available to young graduates.

What are the career prospects for a Sales Assistant?

The Sales Assistant can evolve into positions such as Sales Representative, Customer Manager or with experience towards a position of Sales Manager.

Similar professions to a Sales Assistant: Purchase Administrator, Marketing Assistant, Logistics Assistant, Administrative Assistant