Purchase Administrator

What does a Purchase Administrator do?

A Purchase Administrator helps the teams in the Purchasing department to simplify the creation of the various stages of the purchasing process.

A Purchase Administrator is also known as Junior Purchaser.

What are the responsibilities of a Purchase Administrator?

The responsibilities of a Purchase Administrator vary, depending on the structure of the company. He supports the organization of procurement procedures by writing minutes of meetings, participating in the creation of specifications and the drafting of calls for tenders. He monitors the market in order to identify strategic information and development prospects for the company.

The Purchase Administrator is also responsible for monitoring suppliers by creating and updating the corresponding database, as well as the administrative part by handling purchase orders, stock and delivery tracking. He sets up summary documents to help buyers develop their strategies.

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What are the required skills and proficiencies for a Purchase Administrator?

  • Perfect knowledge of purchasing methods and procedures
  • Fluency in Dutch and French, any other language skills are a real asset
  • Master computer tools (MS Office, ERP, etc.)
  • Interest in numbers and statistics
  • Perfectly comfortable with administrative files
  • Knowledge of how companies and the market work
  • Good interpersonal and synthesis skills

What background is needed to become a Purchase Administrator?

A Purchase Administrator has generally completed an educational career in Management or Economics. However, other careers are possible provided that you have followed a specialization in purchasing, management or economics. This position is open to young graduates.

What are the career prospects for a Purchase Administrator?

The Purchase Administrator can evolve into a Purchasing Officer function. Depending on his ambitions and experience, he can consider a function as Purchasing Manager.

Jobs similar to a Purchase Administrator: Sales Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Logistics Assistant, Administrative Assistant

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