Logistics Assistant

What does a Logistics Assistant do?

A Logistics Assistant supports the company's logistics manager on every task involving the supply chain by ensuring that the tasks of the entire team are completed on time and in accordance with the expectations, from preparation to delivery.

The Logistics Assistant is also known as a Logistics Technician, Logistics Employee or Logistic Officer.

What are the responsibilities of a Logistics Assistant?

The missions of the Logistics Assistant vary, depending on the structure of the company. He ensures that the preparation and packaging chain as well as its logistical follow-up are well handled, he is constantly looking for suppliers (carriers, manufacturers, etc.).

The Logistics Assistant is responsible for inventory control and the receipt and shipment of products (to customers while respecting the delivery deadlines imposed on him/her). He is responsible for after-sales follow-up and generates reports.

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What are the required skills and proficiencies for a Logistics Assistant?

  • Perfect knowledge of the supply chain
  • Master the regulations related to transport
  • Master inventory management software
  • Perfect knowledge of computer tools
  • Good knowledge of the organization of a storage site
  • Familiar with planning techniques
  • Knowledge of managing inventory and supply
  • Good analytical and synthesizing skills
  • Fluency in Dutch and French is often necessary, any other language skills are an asset

What background is needed to become a Logistics Assistant?

A logistics assistant has generally obtained a Bachelor's degree in Transport and Logistics or Foreign Trade. However, other educational careers are possible provided that you have followed a specialization in logistics.

This position is available for young graduates, experience in the field of logistics and transport may be a plus to grant access.

What are the career prospects for a Logistics Assistant?

The Logistics Assistant can evolve into the position of Logistics Manager.

Similar professions to a Logistics Assistant: Sales Assistant, Purchase Administrator, Marketing Assistant, Administrative Assistant.

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