General Ledger Accountant

What does a General Ledger Accountant do?

The General Ledger Accountant presents the financial statements of a company or a corporation. His work is based on the accounting and management data that he receives through the various reports, considering international standards.

The General Ledger Accountant is also known as a Consolidation Officer.

What are the responsibilities of a General Ledger Accountant?

The General Ledger Accountant's responsibilities vary, depending on the structure of the company.

He collects, verifies and analyses all documents related to the company's economic, fiscal and financial activities (accounting and tax returns, reports, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, etc.) in order to establish the consolidation scope together with the parent company. Therefore, he outlines the consolidation schedule for the accounts and makes arrangements for intercompany postings.

Consequently, he inserts the data into consolidation software, which allows him to control the potential anomalies of the various subsidiaries.

The General Ledger Accountant is also responsible for preparing the consolidated accounting and budgetary statements. This involves analyzing the consolidated statements with the obtained results, and then integrating the consolidation restatement entries in accordance with IFRS standards. He provides the Statutory Auditor with annual reports and justifications.

What are the required skills and proficiencies for a General Ledger Accountant?

  • Master accounting techniques (consolidation, financial analysis, financial reporting, etc.)
  • Master standards and regulations (IFRS, SOX, etc.)
  • Confident with numbers and financial mathematics
  • Perfect knowledge of the following tools: SAP, Oracle, Cognos, Hyperion, JD Edwards, etc.
  • Good knowledge of computer tools
  • Good knowledge of tax and legal standards
  • Good analytical and synthesizing skills
  • Fluency in Dutch and French is mandatory
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good stress resistance

What background is needed to become a General Ledger Accountant?

A General Ledger Accountant has generally obtained at least a Bachelor's degree in Accounting (including a management or tax course). The majority of General Ledger Accountants has obtained a Master's degree with a financial focus (Finance/Accounting, Management Sciences, etc.)

However, other paths are possible provided that you have followed a specialization in accounting, auditing, management or finance. This position is not available for young graduates, a minimum of five years' experience in consolidation (audit, or management control) is required.

What are the career prospects for a General Ledger Accountant?

The General Ledger Accountant may evolve into a position of Consolidation Director/Manager, Accounting Director, Controlling Director, Financial Director of a subsidiary or Audit Director.

Professions similar to a General Ledger Accountant: Chief Accountant, Assistant Accountant, Accounts Payable Clerk, Accounts Receivable Clerk, AccountantFinance Manager.

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