Assistant Accountant

What does an Assistant Accountant do?

The Assistant Accountant supports the company’s accountant by helping him with processing and entry operations. He participates in the accounting by completing basic bookkeeping.

The Assistant Accountant is also known as an Accounting Assistant, Accounting Secretary or Finance Assistant.

What are the responsibilities of an Assistant Accountant?

The responsibilities of the Assistant Accountant depend on the structure of the company. In order to assist the accountant, he ensures that all accounting documents are updated to facilitate the annual balance sheet when the accounts are closed.

He is required to edit certain documents himself (pay slips, supplier invoices, customer reminders, etc.).

What are the required skills and proficiencies for an Assistant Accountant?

  • Master the rules and techniques of general accounting
  • Confident with numbers
  • Proficiency in computer tools (MS Office, spreadsheet, accounting software, etc.)
  • Knowledge of an ERP (enterprise resource planning)
  • Versatile

What background is needed to become an Assistant Accountant?

An Assistant Accountant has generally obtained at least a secondary school degree in Accounting or a Bachelor's degree in Accounting (with a management or tax option).

However, other paths are possible provided that you have followed a specialization in accounting and management (e.g.: CBCEC – Belgian Chamber of Accountants).

What are the career prospects for an Assistant Accountant?

Depending on his ambitions, the Assistant Accountant may pursue a degree in higher education to become an accountant or evolve into a position as head of an accounting department.

Similar professions to an Assistant Accountant: Chief Accountant, Accounts Payable Clerk, Accounts Receivable Clerk, Accountant, General Ledger Accountant, Finance Manager.