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The Robert Half Salary Guide 2015 contains starting salaries for finance and accounting professionals throughout Belgium and is the definitive resource for the most up-to-date salary information.

It also contains:

  • key recruitment trends affecting finance and accounting professionals
  • skills and positions in demand
  • remuneration trends

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Recruitment trends

85% of CFOs and finance directors consider it a challenge to find skilled finance professionals today. Companies therefore still and increasingly are on the hunt for and in competition with each other to find and recruit financial top performers.

More than three quarters (78%) of the CFOs and finance directors make use of temporary finance and accounting employees. The Belgian Equality Act had resulted in a greater number of temporary employees in the corporate world, both at junior and senior levels in the finance and bookkeeping divisions.

Skills in demand

Companies have high expectations of the candidates for bookkeeping positions and are looking for finance professionals with a sound track record in terms of performance; excellent business acumen; and the ability to contribute essential added value the company’s success.

A strong technical skill set is no longer enough, however. Soft skills have evolved in recent years from ‘nice-to-have’ to ‘need-to-have’ competencies. Strategic vision is cited as the most important soft skill by more than a quarter (28%) of the CFOs and finance directors, followed by communication skills and proficiency in languages (14%), commercial acumen (11%) and negotiation skills (8%).

Positions in demand

In the private sector, in SME and at multinationals/large organisations, there is a high demand for bookkeeping roles on all levels: (assistant) bookkeepers, (assistant) accountants, General Ledger*/senior accountants, chief accountants and accounting managers/directors. At accountancy firms, assistant accountants with initial work experience in the sector are very much sought after.

Demand remains high for (financial and business) controllers and analysts. Both SMEs and multinationals have a great need for these profiles possessing five years of experience or less. Moreover, large-scale companies and multinationals are looking for senior controllers and analysts with at least five to seven years of experience, as well as upper-level finance executives capable of implementing structural changes.

Positions within finance and accounting that are in high demand



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Stable trends

More than a quarter (27%) of the surveyed CFOs and finance directors state that salaries for existing finance and accounting staff will on average experience an increase of 4% in the coming year (without calculating indexation). Still, a majority (72%) are saying that the salaries of their finance staff will remain the same in the coming 12 months.

Accountancy firms

In order to successfully engage in the competition with the private sector, employee remuneration packages at accountancy firms are showing a distinct upward trend. These firms are investing in their recruitment and retention policies by increasingly rewarding top performers with a more extensive remuneration package.

More than just salary

The remuneration package has been about more than just salary for a long time. For the overwhelming majority of companies, non-financial benefits are part of the standard pay package. Where previously complementary benefits were insufficiently positioned as part of the remuneration package, employees today are increasingly aware of the added value of these benefits.


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