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Salary Guide 2017

In the Robert Half Salary Guide 2017 not only will you find the most recent starting salaries, but also it offers a series of insights into the most recent developments in the employment market and the latest job trends for finance, accounting and administrative profiles. With this guide we aim to help you on your way to further expanding and retaining your dream team, because your people make your organisation.

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Positive prospects: recruitment high on the agenda

The recovery of the employment market is continuing. The tax shift is bearing fruit and both Eurostat and the National Bank of Belgium have positive prospects for the coming year. The number of permanent contracts and open vacancies is increasing.

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Speed during the recruitment process all the more crucial

With an ever-diminishing talent pool of highly qualified professionals and increased competition for the loyalty of those candidates to the company, companies run the risk of losing their preferred candidate if the recruitment process goes on for too long. Discover our checklist “Recruitment in 12 steps”.

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Flexibility will be the key concept for 2017

From flexible remuneration, where employees are given the opportunity to put together their own salary package, to the “workable work” initiative from the federal government, flexibility will become more important than ever over the next year.

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The Robert Half Salary Guide 2017 offers a detailed overview of current salary ranges, non-financial benefits and specific job trends for:

Finance & Accounting

Digitalisation is having a clear impact on the finance department. Nowadays, finance departments need to take a broader view and look beyond pure finance. They need to look ahead and anticipate future developments. Find out about the changing expectations, the skills you’ll need to meet these expectations, and discover the salary trends for finance profiles.

Administrative support

The role of administrative support staff is becoming increasingly important within companies. The day-to-day tasks have changed enormously and administrative staff are being given more and more projects and responsibilities. Find out what skills you need, and discover the salary trends for administrative profiles. 

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Salary Calculator

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