Writing a job description

A good job description is an absolute must for attracting and finding the right candidate. By accurately describing the job and the desired profile you’ll avoid making a wrong choice. Because the job content of positions has changed over the years, it isn’t enough to tinker with an old job description or use a general description. Along with finding new talent, job descriptions also form a good starting point for evaluating employees.

The first step in a successful recruitment process 

Drafting a job description is a lot like preparing a blueprint for the recruitment of employees: if it’s done well, the chances are much greater that everything will go smoothly. With a good job description recruitment managers can make very clear what they expect from an applicant. The applicants in turn also gets a clear picture of the tasks and responsibilities, which reduces the chances that the company will receive applications that aren’t really a good match for the position.

A performance review tool

A well-prepared job description isn’t just an effective recruitment tool: the management can also conduct a constructive performance review with the employee on the basis of the clearly-described guidelines. Another reason why it’s essential to make sure that your job descriptions are well drafted.

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