Turning strategy into performance

Developing a strategy is critical for any organisation, but equally – if not more - important is having a mechanism to put that strategy into action. Many companies develop ambitious strategic plans, but lack a coherent approach to managing their execution. Consequently, key management decisions and initiatives often remain disconnected from the company’s strategy and fail to have the desired impact on performance. To implement business strategies effectively, companies need sound performance management practices.   

How to turn your strategy into performance?

This report, developed in collaboration between Vlerick Business School and Robert Half explores how companies can make significant progress in implementing and taking full advantage of their performance management systems. It highlights potential challenges and offers a framework to optimise company performance. The information in the report is based on a workshop in which several executives (in finance, general management and operations) participated.

Free report performance management

Are you also searching for the holy grail of excellent and sustainable performance? Download now for free our report discussing how to turn your strategy into proper performance.



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