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Robert Half is the industry's most respected source of management and career advice. We publish a wide variety of reports on emerging trends in hiring, employment and the workplace.

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Finance 2020

From the research of over 200 CFOs and FDs and expert opinion, the Finance 2020: closer than you think report offers insights on how the finance function needs to adapt to be fit for the future.


Salary Guides 2017

Salary Guides 2017

For the latest remuneration trends, download your copy of the 2016 Salary Guide and benchmark your salary against the averages. The guides also include regional salary trends, market insights, and positions currently in demand.


Robert Half – SME series

Robert Half – SME series

Consult the series "Robert Half – small and medium-sized enterprises", which is designed to offer leaders of SME's ideas and insights that can help them increase their productivity - and profits.


Creating a winning team

Creating the dream team

What makes a winning team? Today, businesses of all sizes have one aim in common: doing more with less. Since the global financial crisis, achieving new levels of efficiency and productivity has become a necessity, allowing businesses to stay on top of their game in a competitive market. Maximising the productivity of a team or department doesn't just happen. It is the combined result of the manager providing the foundation for success and each employee playing a part. Download our latest guide and learn how teams can be coached to greater success, whatever the game.


Motivating your team : 25 ways to increase employee engagement

Management Assistant Day

Are your employees passionate about their jobs? Do they come to the office every day eager and enthusiastic to dig in and contribute to the company goals? If not, you may be facing an employee engagement gap, with team members who don’t feel motivated or connected to their roles. This can be a serious issue. A disengaged staff can have a significantly negative effect on productivity, customer service levels and retention. The good news: There are plenty of ways to make your team feel Read on for 25 ideas that can help you enhance employee engagement.


Business partnering - Optimising corporate performance

Business partnering - Optimising corporate performance

This report examines the progress that companies in Belgium and other countries across Europe have made in developing finance business partnerships, and the problems faced in embedding such partnerships within the organisation. This paper focuses primarily on the responses and insights from companies in Belgium, but also compares these findings where relevant with those from other European countries.


Writing a job description

A good job description is an absolute must for attracting and finding the right candidate. By accurately describing the job and the desired profile you’ll avoid making a wrong choice.


Making good hiring decisions

It’s more important than ever to make the right hiring decisions. Today, a poor decision in the recruitment of a new employee has major consequences for a company: lowered productivity, loss of motivation and reduplication of recruitment and selection costs.


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