The salary package: what elements should it include?

The salary package: what elements should it include?

The salary package is a package containing a wide range of working conditions. When you sign an employment contract, you are in fact accepting the salary package that is offered to you by the employer and the elements that are set forth therein. Curious about all the elements that might be included in a salary package? Then read more about the elements of a salary package in this article.

Primary and secondary conditions

Before describing the various elements of the salary package, it is important first to note that a distinction is made between primary conditions and secondary conditions. The primary working conditions are the things about which you and your employer will almost always reach explicit agreements, such as the salary you’ll earn. The secondary conditions are those that come on top of this, but concerning which in most cases there are no real negotiations.

The primary working conditions

The primary working conditions are ones like the salary you are going to earn, the date on which this salary will be paid into your account, the number of hours you will work each week for your employer, and the holiday allowance you will receive from the latter. Negotiations are often conducted on the primary working conditions, because many professionals negotiate about the pay they will earn before they enter into an employer´s service.

The secondary working conditions

Along with the primary working conditions, there are also a range of secondary ones. Negotiations about these are less common, but in fact it is definitely recommended to negotiate about them under certain circumstances. By making the secondary working conditions more favourable, each year you can also earn more salary and thus be better off. Some of the things falling under "secondary working conditions" are:

Travel expense compensations: the compensation you receive for travelling to and from your job
Number of leave days: the number of paid leave days that you can take per year
Partially or fully paid training courses: costs for which you are compensated for internal or external training courses that you wish to take 
A company car
Flexible working hours: for example, the possibility to begin later, stop later or work one day a week at home
Bonus: for example, in the form of a commission
Overtime supplement
Weekend supplement
Company telephone
Company laptop
Parental leave
Compensation for work clothing
Extra working time reduction days
Child care 
Sports activities through work

Exactly what things fall under the secondary conditions will depend on the salary package. For example, some employers have established a rule about sports activities through work, while other employers don´t paid any real attention to this. If you are going to sign an employment contract, it is recommended to look not just at the primary working conditions but the secondary ones as well.

Negotiating about the salary package

Anyone who wants to receive the most favourable possible salary package can negotiate about the elements thereof. So you can negotiate about the pay that you will receive, but possibly about the other elements in the package as well.

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