How do I know whether my employer is offering me a competitive salary?

How do I know whether my employer is offering me a competitive salary?

When you get a new job, a new salary generally comes with it. If this is your first “real” job, if you’ve never worked in the sector involved before, or if for some other reason you still have no experience in your new job, it can be difficult to assess whether an employer is offering you a competitive salary. Do you want to be sure that your hard work is rewarded with a fair salary? Then never immediately accept the salary you are offered, but first verify whether it truly represents a fair remuneration. This article tells you exactly how you can check this.

Tools for checking a salary

Because every job is different, many people think that it’s impossible to verify whether their salary meets the standard of a “fair” salary. Yet despite the wide range of jobs and salaries, it is by no means impossible to check a salary, because there are a range of tools available for doing so in a smart and easy way. The two most popular tools for checking a salary are described in the following paragraphs.

The salary guide of Robert Half

The first tool you can use to check whether your employer is offering you a competitive salary is the salary guide of Robert Half. The salary guide contains starting salaries for finance and accounting professionals throughout Belgium, thus giving you up-to-date and reliable information on salaries in these sectors. In the guide you’ll find information not only on starting salaries, but also on important recruitment trends for finance and accounting professionals, much sought-after skills and positions and remuneration trends. If you´re going to be working in the finance or accounting sector, it is strongly recommended to read this guide carefully.

The salary calculator of Robert Half

Another tool you can use to check whether you are earning a competitive salary is the salary calculator of Robert Half. The salary calculator is a user-friendly online tool for calculating what your salary should (roughly) amount to in order to be a truly competitive salary. If you choose calculate salary with this tool, you´ll receive more insight into the salary standard in your sector and for the activities that you perform. If you learn on the basis of the salary calculator that you are earning much less than the standard on the market, this can certainly be one good reason for negotiating for a higher salary.

Negotiating for a higher salary

Did using the above tools teach you that your salary isn’t competitive? Then you can negotiate about the pay you’re receiving. The best moment for starting negotiations on the salary is at the time when the working conditions of your job are being discussed. But what if the negotiations about your working conditions are already over and you’ve learned too late that you’re earning too little? It´s still always possible to initiate negotiations on a higher salary. In this case, the best thing to do is organise the negotiations by setting up a formal appointment with your boss.

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