Asking for a higher salary: 7 tips

Asking for a higher salary: 7 tips

If you´ve held the same job for a while now, it’s altogether logical that over time you’ve come to perform additional activities, received greater responsibilities and naturally you’ve accumulated more work experience. These extra activities, responsibilities and work experience can signify that you should actually be earning a higher salary than the one currently being deposited into your bank account each month. Have you been working for some time for the same boss, and would you in fact like to ask for a raise? Then read in this article seven tips on asking for a higher salary and engage in smart negotiating with your employer.

Tip 1: sell yourself

To get a higher salary, it´s important to demonstrate why you deserve a higher salary. This means you have to sell yourself, so that you can show your employer that you merit a raise.

Tip 2: prepare yourself carefully for the discussion

If you’ve decided to initiate the discussion for a higher salary, it’s important to prepare yourself carefully for it. For example, try to find out what you would earn elsewhere in the same position via a salary calculator, so that you can use this information during your talks.

Tip 3: ask your colleagues for more information

Not everyone might wish to speak about his or her salary, but if you have colleagues who are open for this, you can use their information to negotiate a higher salary. Does your colleague earn much more than you do, even though you hold the same position? Then you can use this information during the negotiations.  

Tip 4: choose the right moment for a discussion

Some moments are better than others to ask for a raise. For example, have you just completed a certain project, have you received a degree, or did your recent job performance positively highlight your employer in some way? Then now it might be a good time to test the waters for a salary increase...

Tip 5: remain realistic about a higher salary

Another tip we want to share with you about negotiating for a higher salary is that you shouldn´t ask for too much. Asking for too high a raise is not only unrealistic (and therefore also less likely to be successful), but it can also be taken very much the wrong way by an employer. So you might do better to ask for 50 euros in two times, rather than for 100 euros all at one go.

Tip 6: always keep it friendly

Even if you don´t succeed in the negotiations, it´s important to always keep it friendly. So don´t threaten to go looking for another job, because that will only work against you. If you do so, chances are small that you’ll actually get any more salary, and you’re going to harm your good reputation with your employer.

Tip 7: don´t beat around the bush

Some people find it difficult to ask for a raise, but it´s better not to beat around the bush and instead just say it already. It’s fine to start off the discussion on a general level, but if after an hour you still haven´t brought up the higher salary issue, it´s taking too long . . .

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