Job interview tips

As soon as you’ve secured an interview for a new position, you’ll want to make a good impression and do everything in order to clinch the job. And, with the tips in this article, you will succeed!

The first impression

You can only make a first impression once, so you have to think about the right clothing and a firm handshake. Enthusiasm is also important. So dress in a manner befitting the company. You don´t automatically have to wear a nice suit, but naturally you would if you’re applying at a law firm, for example. Pay sufficient attention to appearances.


Reading up

Of course you have to know what kind of company you’re applying to. A candidate who has prepared himself well and already knows a lot about the company will have a leg up. You’ll show that you really want the job, and it will certainly be appreciated! You can easily read up about the company on the internet and it won´t have to take hours.

Things you definitely should do

During the interview you should sit upright and show that you take the job seriously. You are dedicated and you show it, in part thanks to the previous tip about reading up. Furthermore, you obviously show up on time for the interview, you’ve prepared yourself well and you put your best foot forward. These simple tips for the job interview should apply to everyone, for any job.

The interview

Always address the other person with "Mr X" or “Mrs Y”, and don´t sit down as soon as you enter the room. Wait until you interlocutor invites you to take a seat; sitting down on your own initiative would be impolite. During the interview, make eye contact and always let the other person have his say before you say something yourself. Moreover, it’s better to leave a bit of silence rather than responding too quickly.

Job interview tips

Chances are good that you’ll be asked about experiences from previous jobs. Of course it can happen that you left your last job because there were certain things there that you didn´t like. But there are always positive things to remember as well, so mention them when the question is asked. If you talk negatively about a former job, your potential future employer will worry that you´ll be doing the same thing the next time around. So avoid negative comments.

Preparing for the interview

Finally, it’s important to already prepare for a number of things. For example, you can count on it that they will ask about your negative and positive points. Of course, the negatives mustn´t be so bad that they immediately want to have you escorted out of the building - so think of something that also has a positive aspect to it. A characteristic that’s frequently referenced is being a perfectionist. On the negative side maybe you spend a bit too much time getting things done, but then again on the positive side one can count on the fact that they’ll be done right. Don´t forget that the characteristics have to relate to the job you´re applying for.

Bring on that interview!

The above-mentioned tips are easy to remember and moreover work for everyone and every job. Thanks to these tips, chances are good that you’ll already be a lot less nervous prior to the job interview. Breathe calmly, review your preparation and you´re all set! The tips for the job interview will be useful no matter what job you’re seeking.


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