How do you prepare for a job interview?

If you wrote a cover letter, and on the basis of that letter you are invited to come in for an interview, naturally you are going to be very happy that you’re getting the chance to explain your motivation in a personal interview. However, an invitation for an interview absolutely does not mean that you´ve already got the job locked up. 

Most companies invite several candidates for job interviews, so it is very important that your interview go well and you get out in front of the other candidates.

One of the ways to ensure this is by carefully preparing for your job interview.


The importance of preparing for a job interview

It is very important to prepare your job interview carefully, especially if several applicants will be coming in to interview. By preparing for a job interview, you reduce the chances of running into surprises in the middle of it. For example: is a particular question asked that you hadn´t prepared for?

Then there’s a chance that you’ll get confused and not be sure of what to say. In addition, you might also give wrong answers due to poor preparation, thus reducing your chance of getting the job. So not only is the interview itself very important, but also certainly the preparation beforehand.

Preparing for questions in the job interview

A good way to prepare for your job interview is by preparing for several questions that you anticipate receiving during it. In most job interviews, for example, one asks about your strengths and weaknesses. By already coming up with an answer to this question, you’ll know immediately how to respond and you can formulate your answer in a more polished way. Look up a list with frequently asked questions, work out answers to them, and you can be confident that you’re well prepared for at least some of the questions you’ll get during the interview.

Preparing for the job interview: what should you take along?

In some cases it isn´t enough to just prepare for questions. For example, if you wrote in your cover letter that you participated in the implementation of a fantastic project, then the chances are good that during the job interview your interlocutor will ask you more about this project. You´ll make a memorable impression if you bring along a concrete object that relates to that project. 

If you have something tangible in order to convey your story in an extra powerful way, such as a flyer or a physical product that you made, it’s certainly a good idea to bring it along. Also, it’s always recommended to take along your cover letter, CV and portfolio.

Practical preparation

Another part of preparing for a job interview is its practical preparation. This consists of doing a bit of research on the interlocutor who will be sitting across from you during the interview (if this is known beforehand) and searching for information on the place where your job interview will be held.   

You can use information about your interlocutor in the interview so that you come across as extra well prepared and can hold a more personal conversation. Information about the place of your job interview is just as important, because with it you know where you have to go and how to get there. Nothing is so annoying as arriving late for your interview, so make sure that you know where you have to be and how you´ll get there.     


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