Covering holiday and peak periods with temporary staff

Temporary Resources

Summer is just around the corner, and with it many workers’ annual holidays. Will your business keep running while your staff enjoys some well-earned rest? If so, then temporary staff are a welcome addition to replace those on holiday. With temporary administrative and bookkeeping staff, Robert Half will ensure that the workload of each worker remains unchanged over the holidays.

With the 5-step plan below, you are ready to cover the holidays:

  • Ensure that holidays are requested early enough,
  • Take stock of the gaps: the number of temporary workers you will need and the periods and departments where they are needed.
  • Draw up the job descriptions and advertise the temporary vacancies.
  • Evaluate the profiles of the candidates submitted to you and make your choice.
  • Ask your permanent workers to make the necessary preparations before going on holiday. This will make things easier for their replacements, allowing them to learn the ins and outs of the job more quickly.

Plan ahead

Holiday requests often come in well before the summer. Sometime in May, you should have a good idea of what your staffing will look like in July and August. Is there a risk that reduced capacity will generate extra work for those not going on holiday?  In that case, it is a good idea to take action in due time. Robert Half is pleased to lend a hand in this. Via OfficeTeam and Accountemps we offer you solutions for the temporary replacement of your administrative and bookkeeping staff. Are you looking for a recently graduated bookkeeper, a motivated file manager or an experienced financial analyst? Administrative workers, receptionists or customer service staff? Together, we can seek out high-quality candidates who can give your organization temporary support.

At top speed

Have you planned ahead, and yet are suddenly faced with problems? Perhaps because one of your employees has suddenly fallen ill? Did one of your staff not get back from holiday on time because of a cancelled flight? Or have you suddenly encountered another unforeseen circumstance? If so, we can draw on our ‘Direct Starters’ system to help you out. We can make use of our extensive database to propose a suitable candidate for you on the same day with an ‘8-hour guarantee’. This means we lose no time with interviews and CV analyses. Our top candidates are ready to start right away. 

Outside the summer season too

Temporary resources are an ideal solution to deal with holiday periods, but they can also keep things running smoothly at other times. Think of the closing of the financial year or other peak periods throughout the year. We keep some strong Accountemps candidates ready for those moments. They can be brought in immediately to replace regular workers who go on maternity leave, to lend a hand in particularly busy periods or to contribute specific expertise. It is one of the real treasures of our specialized recruitment.

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