Interim recruitment

More and more often, companies are choosing to work with a group of permanent employees, supplemented by a number of temporary workers. Interim professionals are deployed in organisations for a variety of reasons. Increasing numbers of companies are opting for the flexible approach made possible by combining permanent and temporary employees.

Most frequent reasons for interim recruitment:

  • temporarily replacing a permanent employee (or until a permanent employee is hired)
  • supporting existing employees during busy periods
  • securing a specific expertise
  • managing complex projects and initiatives

Both junior and senior

Temporary employees are employed on a large scale to support existing staff in their operational activities to improve company performance. This method may be applied in busy periods, but is also used to support specific projects.

During the aftermath of the economic crisis, many organisations found themselves under increasing pressure to improve the profitability of the company. One solution is to seek out external input that can provide new ideas on how to achieve this. Many companies are hiring an interim manager who, as an external expert with an objective view, can (re)evaluate the challenges and growing pains within the company and implement the required changes. For example, this could concern the implementation of new processes and innovations to get organisations to run more efficiently, or redefining crucial financial information to better steer the company, or restructuring plans to decrease costs, etc.

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