At Robert Half Executive Search our goal is to expedite your hiring process and ultimately to help you find the best executive match for your company. The executive search process includes five easy steps that allow us to get to know your needs as a client and ultimately to find you the best available match. You can view our recently completed executive placements.

Talent Acquisition Process

Client Kickoff meeting

Search & Evaluation

Client-In©: Presenting Shortlist


Final Interview Stage

Executive Search Conclusion

1. Kick-off Meeting with Client

The most important part of the process is the research phase. At this stage, we will work collaboratively with you and your organisation to analyse and understand the desired executive placement.

Our understanding of your specific requirements will allow us to develop a Position Profile. This is both the “road map” for the executive search and a source of information for potential candidates. Through this, the candidate will learn about your organisation and all facets of the specific challenge that awaits them. This document also provides an outline of what is expected of them in terms of skills, management style and personality.

2. Research & Assessment of Candidates

The Position Profile will help us to find candidates that can be considered for the executive position in your organisation. It will also form the basis for our research strategy. The quality of the research determines the end result so the research phase is one of the most crucial in the whole process.

Our research strategy defines the sectors and the type of companies in which we want to approach potential candidates. Naturally, we will also use our extensive network of contacts to compile a high-quality longlist of potential candidates.

We will then approach and assess the candidates on the list and interview interested and motivated candidates as well as taking out extensive references. We are very discerning when it comes to selection. Our aim is always to make the procedure as efficient for you as possible and we can only achieve that by introducing you to clients who are a perfect match for your desired profile and a good fit your business culture.

After the research stage, we will communicate with you regularly and at agreed times, to share market feedback, search status updates and potential executive candidate profiles.

3. Client-In©: Presenting our Shortlist

We work with you to identify a shortlist of highly-skilled candidates. Thanks to our unique Client-In© process you can meet these candidates with full discretion and in comfort at our offices. You will meet all of the candidates in one day in a professional and neutral setting where you can focus on selection without any distractions. We make it easy for you to compare the candidates and we will also get feedback from you immediately and pass it on at the end of the session.

Thanks to our Client-In© method your process will be streamlined and efficient; this will enable us to reduce the average search time considerably.

4. Final Interview Stage

We organise final interviews with the two or three top candidates that you selected during the previous stage.

We conduct Robert Half’s 360° reference checks on your finalist candidate(s) & verify post-secondary qualifications. Your company will receive a written reference report regarding the functional skills, personal qualities, leadership style and areas for development according to former managers, colleagues and subordinates.

5. Conclusion of the Executive Search

We then support you through the final negotiations with a view to a smooth and timely onboarding and transition from the current employer to your company.

Ultimately resulting in an arrangement that is mutually beneficial for you and your favourite candidate.

Our frequent communication will ensure that you remain well-informed about the status of the negotiations, the offer, the response and the acceptance.