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Using soft skills to help women close the leadership gap

Executive leadership skills are evolving as younger generations start their careers, and hybrid working moves into the mainstream. As part of Women’s History Month, Karina Perez Galindo, Noëmie Cicurel and Vanessa Sproedt-Graef from Robert Half explore why soft skills often associated with women are becoming pivotal to modern leadership.

What should new CEOs do first?

Starting as a CEO is a fantastic opportunity and can be challenging and overwhelming at the same time. But the steps they take in the first six to twelve months will play a pivotal role in their journey and the success of their business. Karina Perez Galindo, Managing Director at Robert Half’s executive search practice, shares her advice on what they should focus on.

Accountant: een boeiende job met veel verantwoordelijkheid


Accountants - de benaming voor de boekhouder van voordien: iedereen kent de job en elk bedrijf heeft er minstens één nodig om de financiën op orde te krijgen en te houden. Maar weet jij echt wat een accountant doet? Wat moet je gestudeerd hebben voor deze job, zijn er doorgroeimogelijkheden en op welk loon kan je rekenen?

Sample letter of application: get inspired and get started!

You have come across your dream job and want to do all you can to get invited to a job interview, including preparing a perfect CV and writing an enthusiastic letter of application that will make your future employer want to get to know you better. We give you some advice.

How to improve diversity: Look inwards first, build a vision second

Diverse leadership teams can make better decisions and create better businesses. But some are struggling to change. Charlie Grubb, Managing Director at Robert Half’s executive search practice, explores how to tackle one of the most talked-about trends in business today.