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These are the main recruitment questions since the coronavirus crisis

We don't need to tell you that job applications look completely different these days. In many companies, digital job interviews have become the norm. But the questions asked during the job interview have also evolved since corona. We list a few pertinent questions.

How to manage people in a hybrid working model

Due to the corona crisis, working from home has been the norm for several months. The road to a hybrid working model, where part of the team works at home and part at the office, seems to have begun. But how do you manage such a team? What are the pitfalls? And how do you keep employee engagement high?

What will your workforce look like in 2021?

At the start of a new year, as an HR manager or business leader, you take stock: what is the state of the workforce? Do we have enough talent in house to achieve the objectives, or do we still need to recruit people for this purpose? Each situation requires a specific approach, but we can give you a few points of interest that should not be overlooked.

Webinar series: Your future

In this webinar series, we discuss your future. Our expert panel share career tips and advice focused on you, your skills and your next role. From clarifying your goals and defining your brand through to interview preparation and selection, there is something for everyone. Read more about each of our webinars, including our inspiring panellists and Robert Half hosts below. 

How to demonstrate you have a high AQ

For businesses, the past year has been all about adapting and moving quickly. So it is not surprising that adaptability and agility are high on employers’ lists when it comes to employees. Your AQ, short for Adaptability Quotient, is becoming increasingly important. But what is it, and how can you, as an applicant, prove you have a high AQ?

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