How to demonstrate you have a high AQ

By Robert Half on 08/01/2021

For businesses, the past year has been all about adapting and moving quickly. So it is not surprising that adaptability and agility are high on employers’ lists when it comes to employees. Your AQ, short for Adaptability Quotient, is becoming increasingly important. But what is it, and how can you, as an applicant, prove you have a high AQ?

What is AQ?

AQ or Adaptability Quotient refers to an employee’s ability to deal with change. How quickly can an employee refocus? Are they problem- or solution-oriented? How do they deal with a constantly changing environment? Besides IQ and EQ (Emotional Intelligence), this is a third important factor in employers’ assessment of a candidate. After all, a company needs highly adaptable employees to remain competitive and future-proof when circumstances change.

How can you demonstrate that you have a high AQ?

A recent survey of Belgian managers by Robert Half revealed that 87% of them attach more importance to their employees’ AQ in a changing environment. Which is why it is essential for candidates these days to show they are highly adaptable. But how do you do that?

1. AQ in your CV

Don’t wait for the job interview to demonstrate your adaptability. Your CV and motivation letter are perfect for this. If you are someone who immediately embraces new technologies and modern apps or tools, be sure to mention it in your CV. If you came up with a creative solution to an urgent problem in the past, explain this in your motivation letter. Employers want to find out how you handle specific situations, not read about your work experience in your letter. In fact, the more you demonstrate problem-solving skills, the more attractive you become for a potential employer.

2. Think outside the box

Many selection procedures involve preliminary tests. These tests often ask you to come up with solutions to hypothetical situations. This is where you can work your creative magic. Avoid standard solutions that your competitors could have come up with: think outside the box and explain why you chose that particular solution. You’ll definitely stand out.

3. Stand firm

People with a high AQ are usually also stress-resistant. To them, change is not a problem but an exciting challenge or even an opportunity. That is why it’s so important to remain calm and composed during your job interview. That way, you immediately demonstrate that you can handle stressful situations.

What if?

Recruiters seeking to find out about your AQ will often ask ‘what if’ questions. They will question all your answers or check whether you have a plan B. Don’t be distracted by this. Think rationally and, where possible, refer to previous situations in which you were able to solve a problem using the same creativity.

Beschik je over een hoog AQ?

Het voorbije jaar stond voor bedrijven volledig in het teken van aanpassen en snel schakelen. Het mag dan ook niet verbazen dat werkgevers aanpassingsvermogen en wendbaarheid hoog op hun verlanglijstje hebben staan als het op medewerkers aankomt. Benieuwd hoe jouw AQ scoort?

Doe de test

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