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Hiring new team members is one of your most important duties as a manager. It’s also one of the trickiest. How many times have you had a position go unstaffed because you couldn’t find the right fit? Or you found the right fit but lost the candidate to a different company? There are no shortcuts to employee recruitment, but you can get better at it. Get the tips and resources you need to improve your recruitment efforts and land the talent your business needs to succeed.

What does it take to be an interim IT project manager?

Demand for digital transformation projects is shining the spotlight on the people who make them happen. Tom Ward, Director at Robert Half in Australia, explains why interim IT project managers are fundamental.

Five cybersecurity jobs your teams need

Organisations require cybersecurity skills to help keep sensitive data and systems safe from malicious hackers, defend an ever-expanding security perimeter, and comply with stringent regulatory mandates related to data security and privacy. Christian Schmitz, Head of Technology, at Robert Half Germany, and Maria Sartori, Associate Director, at Robert Half Brazil, explain, which cybersecurity jobs does your organisation need to help you cover all your IT security bases?

Executive leadership is changing – but has anyone noticed?

ESG, diversity and multiple crises are redrawing the skills of c-suite leadership. Veronique Elskens and Charlie Grubb, Managing Directors at Robert Half’s Executive Search practices, explore what’s happening – and why some boardrooms are being slow to catch on.