5 HR trends that will determine your recruitment policy for 2019

By Robert Half on 05/10/2018

The labor market is constantly changing. If you are responsible for recruitment you must constantly adapt to the vagaries of the sector. Salary scales change, supply and demand fluctuate, as do job-seekers’ general expectations. And these then influence your corporate culture.

Every year at Robert Half we bring out a new Salary Guide. It contains facts that we distil from an independent survey of 200 Belgian CIOs, 200 Belgian CFOs, 300 Belgian senior managers with responsibility for recruitment and more than 23,000 employees worldwide, including 1,000 Belgians.

It contains the most important developments and trends in the finance & accounting and administrative support & IT sectors. We also publish the salary scales per sector each year, so that you know whether you are paying your employees too much or too little (and whether you are actually paying the current market rate).

3.5% of all Belgian jobs are not filled

You have certainly noticed that it is increasingly difficult for companies to find personnel. Our workplace survey also shows that 7 out of 10 managers with responsibility for recruitment are finding it much more difficult to fill vacancies than five years ago. 

The reasons for this lie with the booming economy as well as the increasing aging of the population. On top of that, job-seekers’ skills often don’t match the qualities you are actually looking for.

At Robert Half we have a large database of specialists with specific skills. Let us know what profiles you are looking for.

Half of Belgian employees who quit their jobs do so because their salary is too low

In the current labor market little is as important for survival as a good retention policy and comprehensive talent management. Our Salary Guide shows that nearly half of employees who consider quitting, do so because they think they are paid too little.
Do you know whether you are paying your staff too much or too little? Check our Salary Guide. In it you will find salary scales for finance and accounting, administrative support and IT.

Interims in demand

One out of three companies employs interims. They use them to deal with busy periods and sudden absences. As interims are increasingly offered permanent contracts, more and more employees are inclined to consider an interim contract. 

Interim work is an excellent way to evaluate someone in the short term. Take our Direct Start formula, for example. It allows you to get a new employee on the job today.

Selection procedures often take too long, so 85% have accepted another job offer

There’s no way round it, overly long selection procedures are counterproductive when you’re looking for strong personnel. A good 85% of those surveyed indicated they had opted for a second-choice job because the selection procedure at their preferred company dragged on too long. 

So, don’t wait too long to inform candidates, and limit the rounds of interviews. After all, candidates have different options and won’t hesitate to drop your offer for a competitor’s. 

Employer branding is more important than ever

It is high time to put your trumps on the table. Do you have a training budget? Is your company so well situated that traffic queues are the exception rather than the rule? Or perhaps you pay more than the average competitor?  Then make sure that potential candidates know it. You do that with storytelling on your communication channels. 

Job-seekers often decide on the basis of an ideal work-life balance. So, make sure you give them plenty of information about your USPs.

Curious about the average salaries and new trends in your sector?

Learn from Robert Half’s expert recruiters so you can build a talented team of employees or advance your career. Operating in over 300 locations worldwide, with 12 recruiting bureaus in Belgium, including our staffing agency in Luxembourg, Robert Half can provide you with assistance including temp office & admin staffing, where and when you need it.

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